Locomotives for the ATP Pilot Schemes

Perhaps a not so well known fact about the pilot ATP schemes in the UK was the fitting of the ACEC TBL system to two class 56 locos for use on GWML and the fitting of the Alcatel SEL system to two class 47 locos for use on the Chiltern lines.

The class 56 locomotives underwent several tests on GWML in November 1991 and again in January 1992 being based on Westbury depot and hauling various trains of differing lengths.

The class 56 also carried out wheelslip trials at the Old Dalby test track.

The class 47's underwent commissioning and testing on the Chiltern Line but never hauled any trains and only ever ran light engine.

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56039 at Westbury

Here 56039 stands at Westbury Depot on 10th January 1992 during trials on the Western Region. The depot facilities were very basic and I remember catching flu or something similar after a freezing cold winter's day mostly spent in the pit.

56 033 at Old Dalby 56033 is pictured near Widmerpool on the Old Dalby test track on 3rd June 1992 during wheel slip tests.
56033 Another shot of 56033 at Old Dalby

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