LMS Stanier Class Five

Here are a couple of pictures of some performance testing being undertaken with a Stanier Class 5MT 4-6-0 tender locomotive.

Known later as 'Black Fives' they were very versatile locomotives built in large numbers.

Members of the class survived until the last day of steam operation on BR in August 1968 and a number have been preserved.

Click on the image for a bigger picture - photos are from the Author's Collection

Mitre Bridge

With the reporting number of M699, Stanier Class 5MT No:44764 is seen at Mitre Bridge carriage sidings, near Old Oak Common, in August 1949. Note the LMS livery on the special corridor tender with No:3 Dynamometer car and the MTU's in tow

Sudbury Junction

44764 is seen here at Sudbury Junction in August 1949. The tender is the specially-built corridor version for controlled road testing and together with the Dynamometer Car and the three MTU's were known as the Mobile Test Plant

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