Class 73 electro-diesel problems

One of the first tests I was involved with was the investigation of a service problem with the E6000 ED locos (later designated class 73) electro-diesels which related to fractures of the mounting bolts on the alternators. The testing included several day's test running between Eastleigh and Basingstoke in May 1970 with loco E6105, both with direct electric traction and with the diesel engine. 

I remember being based at Eastleigh for a week and we had Test Car 4 with us to house the instrumentation.

I remember that we stayed in a pub across the road from the Works' entrance and had breakfast in the bar each morning amongst the sticky carpets and smells of cigarettes and stale beer. Happy days!

At the time BR staff were allowed expenses on a scale depending upon the grade. Therefore if you went out with the boss you were allowed to claim his higher expenses so we often went up to Winchester on the train for our evening meal with the man in charge.

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E6001 leaves Brighton on 24th July 1972

Ian Walmsley

73 at Victoria

About 12 years later an unidentified ED waits for departure from Victoria with a Gatwick service on 19th May 1984. 

Engine room

Inside the engine room of an ED


The alternator was at the opposite end.

Mounting feet

The mounting feet for the alternator where the problem lay.


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