LMS overhead line pantograph test coach

Following the electrification of the WCML in the mid-1960's it was found necessary to monitor both pantograph performance and the state of the OverHead Line Equipment (OHLE).

In order to accomplish this an ex-LMS coach M30826M was converted with the addition of two flat roof sections and an observation window etc. This coach carried the departmental number DM395580

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Early days The OHLE test vehicle employed in the early years of electrification shown fitted with a Faiveley AMBR pantograph and coupled to an AC locomotive. It is unlikely that this method of monitoring would have been used as the locomotive's pantograph would influence the performance of the test pan. Usually diesel locomotives were used.
The official picture of coach DM395580


Another picture of the coach DM395580 shows it at Euston
Video The use of video recording was pioneered on the coach.

Not sure what happened to this coach except that it was scrapped at Booths in December 1984

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