Laboratory Coach 10

Lab 10 (RDB975428) was used as a generator car to provide auxiliary power for POP Train in its original open form. It was initially used in standard BR Blue/Grey but later had the grey replaced with RTC Red.

Note also the viewing window on the far side of the corridor connection to provide a view for the guard during reversing movements on the Mickleover and Old Dalby test tracks.

Converted from a Mk1 BSO No:9236, Lab 10  was fitted with a generator and traction control equipment for use with the Division's class 46 locomotive 'Ixion'. Mounted on B4 bogies it had a maximum speed of 100mile/h

Scrapped at Immingham Railfreight Terminal in September 2003

Lab 10 in the RTC yard in the 1970s.

C J Marsden

Lab 10 in the RTC yard in the 1970s. Note the observation window and the all-over yellow end

BR official

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