Laboratory Coach 5 TRIM DMU

TRIM stood for Track Recording by Inertial Measuring and the TRIM unit measured ride quality.

Always known as Lab 5 the unit was based on a Park Royal Class 103 and numbered RDB 975089 & 975090

Between December 1984 and January 1988, before the LUL Track Recording Vehicle entered service, Lab 5 was used to collect track data for those sections of LUL track over which the vehicle was in gauge. The unit was self-propelled and driven by a BR driver with a LUL pilot.

In October 1976 Lab 5 was shipped to Zeebrugge to carry out a track survey in Holland for an ORE project

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Above info courtesy Arthur Richards who was the man in charge of Lab 5

Lab 5 at Derby in the late 1980s


Paul Hadfield

47431 with Lab 5 in tow at Doncaster in the late 1980s


Jeff Pugh

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