Metrovick Co-Bo 5705

The British Rail Class 28 (Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2) diesel locomotives, or 'Metrovicks' as they were popularly known, were built as part of the British Railways 1955 Modernisation Plan. The locomotives had a Co-Bo wheel arrangement (a 6-wheel bogie at one end, a 4-wheel bogie at the other)

D5705 survived by historical accident being renumbered S15705 and used from December 1968 by the Research Division for its Tribometer Test train

Metrovick Co-Bo S15705 passes East Leake on the GC in April 1969

David Ford Collection

At RTC on Way and Works in 1972 attached to the Tribometer test train


Metrovick Co-Bo 5705 at the head of the Trib Train with Laboratory 11 RDB975046 behind the loco pictured near Etwall on the Mickleover test track in 1972

Gerald Anthony

COV-AB RDB999900 and the auto-trailer RDB975076 making up the Trib Train on the Mickleover test track in 1972

Gerald Anthony

On Crewe Works at the open day in September 2005



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