Transmission-based Train Control System Testing

London Underground are to introduce Transmission-Based Train Control (TBTC) system on both the Jubilee and Northern Lines in the next few years.

The system chosen is based upon Alcatel's successful SelTracİ S40 system currently employed on the Docklands Light Railway and on a number of rapid transit systems worldwide.

For a snippet from the Canada NewsWire of October 13, 2004 concerning TBTC and the first demonstration of the system at Highgate look here.

The plan is to install onto the Jubilee Line and Northern Line trackside and control systems for Alcatel utilising their SelTracİ  S40 Train Based Control System. SelTracİ operates by communication through equipment fitted onto the rolling stock and an inductive loop cable to be fitted to the 4ft of the track, similar to Selcabİ  on the Chiltern Lines. The project will also include installing trackside system equipment such as axle counters; fibre optic sub-system; platform equipment; and the fitting-out of Signal Equipment Rooms.

I was involved with Alstom and Tubelines staff in facilitating the initial test work being undertaken on Jubilee and Northern Line tube stock at the especially commissioned Highgate Test Facility in North London. We were also host to the various on-track plant and battery and diesel locomotives etc which will also require to be fitted.

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95TS on test

The Northern Line 1995 stock unit heads down the test track Battery locos Battery loco No: 45 with sister loco 46 arriving at Highgate on 12th January 2006


Battery loco No: 46 rests after the day's test running on 18th January 2006 Depot at night A view of the north end of the test line with Highgate depot beyond on 12th January 2006


The three-car Track Recording Vehicle (TRV) which consists of L132 and L133 ex-1960 Cravens stock plus centre track recording car ex-1973 Metro Cammell stock. L132 is pictured being inspected and measured for the necessary bracketry on the pit road at Highgate on 14th January 2006.

This train was replaced by a new Asset Inspection Train (AIT) in 2008 and once again it was converted from refurbished older rolling stock.

Note the Northern Line stock behind.

TRV at night

The TRV is seen here stabled on the pit road overnight Schoma No:11 Schoma diesel CLF500VR No:11 waits for the next day's test running on 12th January 2006


Schoma diesel loco on test 13th January 2006 No53 at Wirksworth In 2007 the first of the battery locos arrived at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway for testing and is pictured stabled in the station at Wirksworth on 19th August 2007

More photos will be added.


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