Utrasonic Test Unit (Class 101)

This unit was converted in 1986 from a Class 101 power-twin unit. It was rebuilt as an Ultrasonic Test Train, replacing the former-Derby Lightweight unit that was previously used for this task

The unit also incorporated a heavily modified former Class 432 4Rep driving motor vehicle, which was an intermediate trailer

The unit consisted of RDB977391 (ex-51433) + RDB999602 (ex-62483) + RDB977392 (ex-53167)

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In its original livery the UTU heads south from Trent Junction in the late 1980s


The Ultrasonic Test Unit 901001 at Colchester in 1998. The two power cars are from a class 101 51433 and 53167 and are the only first generation DMUs to be converted to Auto/EP air brakes.

Peter Manley

The Ultrasonic Test Unit 901001 at Colchester in 1998.with a close up of RDB977391

Peter Manley

The UTU at Colchester in 1998.

Peter Manley

UTU leaving Hastings on 23rd June 1998

John Atkinson


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