Links, acknowledgements and bibliography

Although I did take a number of photographs during the course of my career which are used on the site there have been quite a few gaps in the collection and I am indebted to a number of people who freely gave permission for me to use their photos.

Apart from my colleagues past and present I would like to thank:

bulletSteve Jones who has a comprehensive railway photo site at

bulletPete Piszczek who has an excellent  railway photo site at

bulletGarry Brookes who has another great railway site at

bulletNico Spilt who has an excellent and comprehensive site at Langs de Rails (Along the Line) - in Dutch and English - about many

          aspects of European trains

bulletMatt Murtland who has an excellent site about cross channel (and other) ferries which includes details of the train ferry

          'Nord Pas De Calais' on which the author travelled at -

bulletIan Walmsley who has a very interesting site with railway paintings as well as a comprehensive photo collection




Apart from the published reports and bulletins of the R&DD and DM&EE there are a few books about testing trains in the UK


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