Bulletin No:7

The Bulletin concerned the 'performance and efficiency testing' of two versions of 2-cylinder War Department Austerity class 9 locomotives, the 2-8-0  and the 2-10-0. These locos were designed by R A riddles during the 1939-45 war for the Ministry of Supply.

The 2-8-0 locomotive was numbered 90464 and the 2-10-0 was 90772, both locos had run approx 500 miles sine their last general overhaul. Both locos were fitted with live steam injectors.  

The tests which took place during 1953 were undertaken to establish the following:

The price in terms of coal and water of hauling different train loads and different speeds over given routes
An indication of the level of efficiency of the locomotives
Means of comparing one locomotive with another on a common basis

Testing was undertaken on the line between Carlisle and Hurlford, near Kilmarnock on the Scottish Region of BR utilising the Mobile Test Plant as a load and based at Durranhill MPD. The special tender attached to each locomotive was divided in two such that weighed bags of coal for the test were carried on one side and ordinary loose coal for transit and shunting moves on the other.

Here are a few pictures of the tests and a summary graph.Nottingham

Pictures are BR official except where credited

The 2-10-0 locomotive, No:90772 is pictured at Penrith station coupled to the special Stanier tender (still with LMS on the side) with the Mobile Test Unit in tow.

Cliff Belfield

The official photo of the 2-8-0 version - this is 90640, one of a class which numbered 733.
BR diagram book entry for 2-8-0 The official photo of the 2-10-0 version - this is 73778 - a mystery number as the class of 25 locos was numbered in the 907xx series
BR diagram book entry for 2-10-0 The special Stanier high sided tender with divider in the coal space


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