Consist of the prototype HST

The original HST prototype train included 3 first class coaches, three second class coaches, a buffet and a kitchen car.

Original number Later re-numbered Classification Comments
E11000 W41000 Trailer First (TF) Seats: 48 later re-built as Departmental Stock Test Car 10 RDB975814 and now part of the New Measurement Train
E11001 2903 First Open (FO) Built as First Open, later re-built as Royal Train stock
E11002 W41001 Trailer First (TF) Now numbered FO 41170 and owned by Angel Trains
M11003 W41002 Trailer First (TF) Re-built as production FO 41174 then re-built as TSO 42357 and owned by Angel Trains
E12000 W42000 Trailer Second  (TS) Seats: 72 - Re-built as production FO 41172 then re-built as TSO 42355 and owned by Angel Trains
E12001 2904 Trailer Second Open (TSO) Built as TSO, later re-built as Royal Train stock
E12002 W42001 Trailer Second (TS) Re-built as production FO 41171 then re-built as TSO 42353 and owned by Angel Trains
M12003 W42002 Trailer Second (TS) Re-built as production FO 41173 then re-built as TSO 42356 and owned by Angel Trains
E10000 W40000 Restaurant Second Buffet Seats: 35 - later Trailer Restaurant Second Buffet (TRSB) thenLab 15 'Argus' later Test Car 4 RDB 975984 and now part of the New Measurement Train
E10100 W40500 Restaurant Unclassified Kitchen

Seats: 24 - later Trailer Restaurant Unclassified Kitchen (TRUK) then rebuilt as Lab 21 RDB 977089 later scrapped and cut up at Booths, Rotherham in February 1993

41001 W43000 Driving Motor Brake Later taken into departmental stock and re-numbered ADB975812 - now preserved as part of the National Collection and recently restored to running order
41002 W43001 Driving Motor Brake Later taken into departmental stock and re-numbered ADB975813 - scrapped at Booths, Rotherham in 1990

All vehicles were 22.15m long, 2. 74m wide and 3. 78m high

The first and second class opens weighed 33½ tons - the buffet car 36½ tons and the kitchen car 37 tons.




Two prototype Mark 3 coaches, used in HST trials, but only in the service train for a short period that ran on the WR, were First Class Open No E11001, and Second Class Open No E12001. These were withdrawn from stock and substantially rebuilt at Wolverton works, to become part of the new Royal Train. No E11001 is now No 2903; the Queen's Saloon. No E12001 is now No 2904; the Duke's Saloon.


In May 2011 the National Railway Museum (NRM) announced that the remaining HST prototype power car 41001 would undergo full restoration work. A long-term loan was agreed between the NRM and the 125 Group of volunteers for the locomotive and a Paxman Valenta RP200L engine. In 2011

The 125 Group under the Project Miller banner became custodians of 41001 taking it on a long term loan from the NRM with the view of restoring the vehicle to an operational condition. Initial work on the restoration of 41001 took place with thanks to our friends at East Midlands Trains at their Neville Hill Depot in Leeds.
In September 2013 41001 moved to Great Central Railway North in Nottinghamshire based at its Ruddington depot where the completion of the vehicles restoration and commissioning into service will take place. The powercar was first shown off as a static display at the GCRN Autumn Diesel Gala in 2013

Restoration work on 41001 continued in 2014 with a landmark event taking place on Saturday 15th November when 41001 operated its first passenger carrying train in preservation. The train called ‘The Screaming Valenta’ was operated by our good friends East Midlands Trains and saw a shortened EMT HST set operating to Ruddington where 41001 was placed on the other end of the set for a run down the line.

Following this successful trip work took place to then iron out any issues with 41001 and this included a trip back to Neville Hill to have work done on the silencer. 41001 has since seen regular service at GCR(N) as well as visiting a number of other heritage railways

The restored and operational power car was on long term loan based at the Great Central (Nottingham) Railway at Ruddington but in July 2019 the vehicle was recalled by NRM due to 'repeated breaches of the conditions' in the loan agreement

Info from 125 Group website



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