IC225 and Class 91 commissioning - Part 4 of 8

Passenger service with Mk3's and testing the Mk4's

Eventually the locos were introduced into passenger service, with Mk3 coaches,  ETH and power being supplied by the HST DVT. The first service runs were undertaken with rakes of Mk3 coaches using their RCH lighting circuits for the TDM.

The inaugural trip was on March 3rd 1989 when 1P26, the 17.36 from KX to Peterborough, was hauled by a class 91 from KX. There seemed to be more railway staff than passengers. I was travelling in the rear cab of the class 91 along with colleagues from GEC Traction and Bounds Green depot. There were also staff travelling in the DVT (fortunately).

The TDM was routed through the doors of the surrogate DVT and as we departed somebody closed the door on the cable resulting in a temporary loss of brake pipe pressure but this was recovered and we made it to Peterborough without further incident. Once the train reached Peterborough we dived off into the pub for a pre-arranged celebration with a few luminaries from BR and GEC.

A volunteer was found to ride shotgun with the empty stock back to BN but just before he left the train was commandeered by Control to form a service train. This meant that he missed out on a free drink but did get more overtime once the train had returned to the Cross and eventually reached BN.

I seem to remember the drinks were taken in the Great Northern Hotel, Peterborough. 

Click on the picture for a bigger image - pictures are courtesy Paul Wesley except where stated

The first public service with a Mk3 rake and DVT pictured at KX on 3rd March 1989 when 91001 hauled 1P26, the 17.36 from KX to Peterborough.

I was in the rear cab of the loco with colleagues from GEC Traction and Bounds Green depot.

Andrew Whitehead

Occasionally the TDM system had a problem meaning that the 91 had to run round and haul the set. Here is 91003 with 43080 at Leeds on 10th September 1989 about to depart for London on such a working

Neil Harvey

43065 43065 approaches Doncaster with a Leeds - London service of Mk3's on 16th March 1989, propelled in rear by a class 91 On 29th May 1989 91005 is seen attaching to 43067 at Leeds

Michael McNicholas (Neil Harvey collection)

91005 91005 on a service train of Mk3 stock and surrogate DVT passes Balby Bridge, south of Doncaster on 3rd July 1989 Night On 11th January 1990, 43014, now with working power unit waits at Leeds on the rear of a Mk3 set on a service train - sometimes the sets got turned such that the 91 was leading to London

During this period the first Mk4 rake was being tested on the main line in spring 1989

Mk4 coaches Mk4 Test train in KX with TC10 behind the DVT



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