LEV1 in the USA

After trials in passenger service LEV1 was sent to the USA in the early 1980's. It travelled widely before returning to Derby C&W Works in 1986.

Here are some scans of some 35mm slides taken at the time, not the best quality but included for historical interest.

An article 'BR's railbus in the USA' by Trevor Griffin appeared in Modern Railways magazine in August 1980

One location which is identifiable is Hooksett, New Hampshire

All photos are from the author's collection

LEV1 awaits the passage of a freight train in the snow whilst on trial in the USA in the early 1980's The freight loco heads past with a tanker train

Evening falls on LEV1 Parked up
Parked up again? Parked up - note the side fairings - these were fitted when the vehicle was originally equipped with a power unit but were later dispensed with.

Parked outside the Fire Department in Hooksett, New Hampshire  - this photo appears to have been taken from the steps of the famous Geo. A Robie's shop, well known for Presidential visits and some folks in the foreground are high-fiving!

LEV1 eventually returned to the UK in 1986

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