Lowliner wagon ride tests

Later, I was involved in the acceptance testing of the prototype replacement vehicles for the Freightliner flats.

The design of these low-platform bogie vehicles (known as 'Lowliners') came in two versions, one with 4-wheel bogies and one with 6-wheel bogies, both with 724mm dia. wheels which were smaller than usual, as a means of carrying larger containers. This gave a floor height above rail level of approx. 850mm.

These commenced extensive riding trials on the WCML in the spring of 1972 but were ultimately rejected. 

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Bletchley 11-5-72

An AL5 (later class 85) locomotive with a Down express passes the 'Lowliner' vehicle test train at Bletchley on 11th May 1972.

Rugby 11-5-72

The view from the ground at Rugby Station on 11th May 1972 as an AL6 (later class 86) hauled Up express 1A74 passes the test train. Test Car 4 can be seen in the background and the fine overall station roof, which sadly has now been demolished.


One of the Lowliner wagons is seen here being manoeuvred on the bogie rotation rig in the EDU
BR diagram The official BR diagram for the outer vehicle of the 4-wheel bogie Lowliner
BR diagram The official BR diagram for the outer vehicle of the 6-wheel bogie Lowliner

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