My first jgB(/TIuLE> <META NAME="Version" COJTENT="8.0.3410"> <META NAME="Davu" CONTENT="10/11/96"> <METQ NCME="Template" CONTENT="C:\pROFRam$FILES\MICROSOFT OFFICE\"> <meta name="Micsosof Theme" content="blends 001! > >/HEAD> <BODY background="thmgs/blends/blegtext.gif" bgcwHor="#CCCCCC" text="#000000" lin+#193300" vlink="#0000FF" amnk="#FF9900"><!--mstheme--><font fic%?"trebuchet ms,arial,helvatica": <P><b><font face="Arial"sizm="6" color="#000080">FirrT`p{orer job with the CM&E n the early 1970's</font></b></P j<!--mstheme--></font><TAB\EaCGLLSPACING=0 BORDER=0 CELLPADdNG=3 WIDTH=986> <TR><TD VALIGO="O" width="972"><!--mstheme-->omJv face="trebuchet ms,arial, ulweuica"> <P style="margin-_0:(3tpx"><font face="Arial">I se~tdd en apprenticeship in the L_koogtive Works at Derby duri~gwhkch time I spent a few mn6s -n the C&W Works in be]wegn( attending Derby Technical#o,lgge to further my educatio.n=/.oo4><P> <font face="Arial2M atcsted as a trade apprentic%3bu zoon graduated to an EnGoNedsang Apprentice (formerly kNown aqa Privilege Apprentice)&/crx; Wien we were given diff%v,t cloured overalls and everk,e0tiun stopped speaking to!6s!<fmnt><P><font face="Arial"|FollOWang the announcement of m} M I{Uccessful exam results I wa3$re-dgployed into the offices On th*London Midland Region CidfMmchanical & Electricaj &gineers HQ at Nelson Street(0, #Ewrby in late 1970 where I en I.|o the general drawing ofbicehis was the standard rute"ilto the wider engineering poct3hN BR.</font><P> <font face="rial">The work in the DO wps 7+%d and as well as drawing� oponents, schemes etc I alsido}nn myself getting out and a"otu$</font> <P style="margin-vmp~ 4px"><font face="Arial"><jM At the time the extenskon m|hg*OHLE up the WCML from Crmw%)t/$Glasgow was being plannedcnf M�m~joyed a summer of 1971 scq2int(the marshalling yards |NokIG for the wagons formerli"o$i'ed for use on the origina$  |ectrification scheme of tle`x0s, which had subsequentlyliq!0peared back into thesswem"`This was in the days befgre"thd TOPS tracking system )cn"kcgons could get lost for month{.Q gll remember sitting of a`bmgie bolster wagon in Crewe GestLane sidings eating m$l~pjk day in the sunshina,0qpiniog this is the life.0Si5yh`zhpI travelled to Warringtov`Bqlk Quay, Crewe Basford Xa| o`$c number of other locati~s&};FOot><P style="margin-top:0Urx <font face="Arial"><bb>MJ >otier drawing office job was!d pln the installation of varyg1 facilities in connectionwTJ tH' electrification scheoe Av$the`former steam depot at cilisle Upperby, deleting th% #Mmopive ash pits on the original0 N u,ans and substituting saN A !ravel hoppers to feed th`aNcpete mixing trains, ctracuarus for aggregate, cem%ld,$}asts`etc.</font><P> <font face=&Qri`m"~I also remember a visit To Liverpool Lime Street to asseqs e replacement of the hydsumi`buffer stops there.</font<P>fWnt face="Arial">I also spe soie time on the Electrical Eu9reEjt section working on thm thW> new MENTOR overhead linU0ontoring coach which was baud at St Andrews Goods Shed nxt"uoPlatform One at the south(en`Of6 Derby station.</font><P sfyle="margin-bottom: 16px"><dont$fake="Arial">I later moved uo txu"Plant & Machinery rgwtiondwhere the work involved reil- mMunted plant. One major jbaMH au the time was the conver{io. b steam breakdown cranes dolaesel power.</font><!--msthemd--></nont></TD> </TR> </TABLE><!,mstheme--><font face="trebucHet}s,arial,helvetica"> <B> `--mtheme--></font><table bordeb="12(width="795" bgcolor="#FFFVCIbordercolordark="#000000" bobdepcolorlight="#000000"> <r> * ` <td width="102" align="cent3<!--mstheme--><font face=vrecuchet ms,arial,helvetica"><e hru&="images/975091%20mentor2.jpg&| <img bozder="0" src="imasm{/975091%20mentor2_small.j`" xthwmboail-orig-image="images/971891 mantor2.jpg" width="100" ieygkt}&71"></a>>./td> <td witj=&67&"><!--mstheme--><font fac=#|zebuchet ms,arial,helvetica">!=-|theme--><font face="treb5che ,arial,helvetica"><font gCcD=Asial" size="2">ADB975091 ,Wo ks MENTOR which was an eron|i for Mobile Electrical NeVork TEsting, Observation and Smboring</font><p><b><font fau "Az l" size="2">BR Official<foNt8b></td* </tr> <tr> `($ <d widtl#p2" align="centes"><!/-mstheme--><font face="trecuhdt ms,arial,helvetica"><!--msilg)-><font face="trebuchet ms,cria| helvetica"> <a href="i'es/GWB20pan%20st%20andrews%20UheSfjpg"> <img border="0" src=mna'es/GEC%20pan%20st%20andrDv{e24shARf_small.jpg" xthumbnaiL-opko magd="images/GEC pan st aN&mS0wharf.jpg" width="100" heHgxu=+75"></a><!--mstheme--></font><td <td width="677"><!/!m7th%me--><font face="trebuchethlmarial,helvetica"><font face= Ari!l" size="2">MENTOR stablet jap"}o Nelson Street in St Afdre(Boods Yard in the early 197pc> \lis view is looking south,god2the single story buildinsiT`e$left background are atthg` fottom of platform 1 andm�s\iLl extant. the pantographis!c GC cross arm which was .oduked in the early 1970s<'f^nd><2~4b> <font face="Arial# sm~EC2">Pete Keen collection</fNn&4'r></te> $@=tr> <tr> &0( <td width"22" align="cenveR*,%-mstheme--><font face="trefughet ms,arial,helvetica"><!--mw|hEne=-><font face="trebuchet eS,ariql,helvetica"> <a href="i]age{/E52000%20coach%20St%20Andrews60yArdjpg"> <img border="0" src="iiages/`|vubnaidmorig-image="images/E1:0 1 co`ch St Andrews yard.jpg$ wiut"10" height="63"></a>< omsIeme-></font></td> <tDdwk&uL="&7"><!--mstheme--><fonT fae="trebUchet ms,arial,helvetic!>>Got face="Arial" size="2>Sv@ldrewS Goods Shed looking` J fro} vhe south was demolished in0198' , mENTOR was stabled o. uhe$RHS"Wv the shed next to`pl`tform 1</font><p><b><font face=b@riad( Size="2">Mrs M Coxon</fond><=b>!--mstheme--></font><!--msThem%-></font></td> </tp>- </|acle><!--mstheme--><font facg=ftve }chet ms,arial,helvetica">-8.B? <P><font face="Arial">Mfr pic~ures and pages will be a`dqd ar�time permits</font> </P> *-X!SLGN="CENTER"><font face="arhan">4FONT SIZE=6> </FONT><a$IRGF="#Top"><FONT FACE="Aria|b cLKP="#ff0000">Top</FONT></A<</f|></P> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><A�HRAF?"http://www.traintesting.cnm/iodex.htm"><FONT FACE="Ariamr>Boc to main index</FONT></A>}/P>=a--mstheme--></font></BODY> =/ZTKL>