Test Car 3

Construction of the new LMS Dynamometer Car No:3 M45049 commenced at Derby C&W Works shortly before the outbreak of war in 1939, but it was not completed until a decade later, soon after the formation of British Railways in January 1948.

Initial trial runs were made in late April 1949 and it ultimately made 1,086 scheduled test runs between May 1949 and July 1975, covering an estimated 147,616 miles. Although originally designed to test steam locomotives, in the event it was also employed to evaluate diesel and electric locomotives and also the Prototype High Speed Train on the East Coast Main Line in June 1973.

During its working life this vehicle has carried several liveries, i.e. BR 'blood and custard' , BR maroon and latterly the BR Research Department 'Red and Blue'. Restored in 1979 it has been lettered LMS in recognition of its origins although it was not actually completed until after Nationalisation in 1947.

It is now part of the National Collection and was cosmetically restored at Barrow Hill.

In June 2011 the vehicle moved to the MRC, Butterley where it is housed in the museum at Swanwick Jcn. It is intended to restore the vehicle.

Pictures are BR official unless otherwise credited

New As built c1948 Inside Inside with the Hasler recording table prominent
On test On a test train at Sudbury Jcn WR with a Black Five in August 1949. Note the MTU high-sided divided tender 9F In blood and custard livery with 92013 during the loco's performance testing
Deltic With the prototype Deltic DP1 near Armathwaite on the S&C circa 1961 in blood and custard livery

Author's collection

Cartics On a Cartic test on 18th August 1967- now in maroon
Wellingborough Iron ore tippler test at Wellingborough Byway Near Dowlow, on the Ashbourne Buxton line testing a BTH 800HP diesel No:8208 in November 1958 in the company of MTUs 1 & 3

E R Morten

Two Metrovick Co-Bos leaving Hendon with a Condor train with No:3 Dynamometer Car in the formation. Most probably taken in 1958

Colin Marsden

Crewe With the HS 'Kestrel' at Crewe in 1967
Derby At Derby North Junction with an English Electric Type 1    

RTC Derby

Passing RTC In the prototype HST formation as Test Car 3 on in February 1973 now wearing the  RTC's red and blue livery



Barrow Hill As restored at Barrow Hill

M Barnsdall

Swanwick Junction Museum Pictured at the Midland Railway Centre at Swanwick on 22nd June 2011


5th wheel The extra road wheel used for speed and distance measurement

Inside (Photographs copyright Dave Coxon and taken with permission of MRT in 2011)

Desk The control desk

Control panel

Mobile Test Unit control panel
The Hasler table Amplifiers Signal conditioning amplifiers from the last days of operation in the early 1970's - still there in 2011
Sit down time Staff rest area Where's the soap?   Washroom
Time for lunch The kitchen area

Source of many problems

Coach end instrumentation cable connections


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