Test Car 5

First version

The first Test Car 5 was converted by the EDU at RTC Derby from a BSK in 1972 and numbered ADB975051. It was built as an additional test car to supplement the fleet. Unfortunately it was done on the cheap as the concrete floor was never removed from the van area with the consequence that it was always cold in winter.

It was used in the APT power car test train operating out of Derby running a circular route around Sheffield . As such it had one end modified to couple directly to the power car as did all of the Test Service Cars.

After this work finished it was left to rot in the yard until it became part of the Crewe test train - see below

Photos are BR Official except where credited

RTC It is pictured in the loop at the top of the RTC yard when new on 22nd December 1972 TC5 Another picture when new
Power car test train formation This is the APT-P Power Car test train- Test Service Car No:8 housed a generator and compressor (since the trailer rake carried this equipment normally) and Test Car 5 was fulfilling the role as a make up vehicle for braking purposes.
See the APT-P page for more information
Author's collection
Pictured with Test Service Car No:8 in the RTC sidings
Test Car 5 Test Car 5 The Power Car test train in the RTC yard with Test Car 5 prominent

Author's collection

Power Car test train The Power Car test train heads south from Derby on the London line with Test Car 5 in the formation

Author's collection

A class 25 heads along the Up Slow line at Hathern with Test Car 5 in tow in August 1978

David Ford Collection

It is still in existence at Peak Rail in Rowsley where it was moved in May 2007. However it has had a hard life, since being disposed of by the DM&EE, having all its windows welded up and being used for a long time in the Crewe Works test train fleet. See here for a recent photo.

Second Version

The R&DD had a major restructuring during the late 1980s and the former Electrical Equipment Section's vehicle Lab 6 'Prometheus' was disposed of. The vehicle was transferred to the Testing Section where it was re-designated as Test Car 5. Although it was a high speed sophisticated test vehicle capable of 125 mile/h it was virtually used as a brake runner by Serco until being scrapped in 2007.

The one occasion which I remember it being used by DM&EE was when testing the prototype MPV on the main line and at Old Dalby.

For more details of the vehicle in its former life see the Lab 6 'Prometheus' page.

Photos as credited

Make-up vehicle In the later R&DD livery


TC5 Test Car 5 in Serco livery at Stafford in March 2002

Steve Jones

Goodbye Leaving RTC for the scrapyard less bogies in February 2007

Steve Hempsall


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