APT-P trailer rake test train

The first trailer rake from Derby C&W was tested and commissioned without a power car. Instead Test Service Car No:9 was converted to represent a power car. It generally ran from Derby on a circular trip to Sheffield and back each day.

The trailer rake was commissioned separately 'off the wires' with Test Service Car 9 masquerading as an APT power car

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The trailer rake test train heading south at Chesterfield in the summer on 1978. Test Service Car 9 is marshalled behind the locomotive

This train would run four circular trips each day from Derby as outlined in the test plan below

Phil Sangwell

The trailer rake test train is included on the plan - 180 miles a day with a maximum speed of 80 mile/h - probably limited by the motive power

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The trailer rake test train on what looks like a transit move - note the brake van at the rear


Test train formation

A diagram of the converted test vehicles within the APT trailer rake test train

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