The Class 370 APT-P

Probably the best train BR ever had




There were three APT-Prototype (APT-P) sets built and the first was unveiled to the public on 7 June 1978 and continued to be used for testing into 1986. Due to ongoing technical problems with these pre-production units, and a lack of cash or political will to take the project forward, the planned APT-S (Advanced Passenger Train -Squadron Service) production-series units were never built.


On June 7th 1978 the APT-P was unveiled to the public - pictured in the Carriage and Wagon Works, Derby is a driving car and a couple of trailer vehicles.

Author's collection


Inside the coaches the upholstery exuded a distinctly Scottish theme

Author's collection

Inside the cab

Naming ceremony set up C&W Works

Naming of power car Sc49003 'City of Derby'

'City of Derby' nameplate

Rainhill Trials

Class 56 hauled The APT-P featured at the anniversary celebrations of the Rainhill Trials where set 370003 is pictured being hauled by Class 56 No:56077 on 25th May 1980.

Dave Godfrey

Rainhill Bringing up the rear is driving trailer Sc48104

Dave Godfrey

In service 


An unidentified APT-P set awaits departure from Euston sometime around 1981/82


Set 370006 ready to depart with the 16.30 Euston to Glasgow on 7th December 1981 

Stephen Wilkins

Set 370007 at Preston with a relief service for Glasgow on 21st December 1984

Leo Pomfret

Set 370001 at Preston

Neale Harrison


Set 370005 arriving at Glasgow Central

Author's collection


..... and here's an appropriate luggage label

If you have found this page related to the APT-P of interest, then perhaps you would like to look at a few other sites devoted to APT-P and also one to the original gas turbine version called APT-Experimental, which was tested at Old Dalby.

Gerry Bates also has a site with some photos of APT-P on OHLE uplift tests in Scotland in 1979.

And another site with photos of a class 40 hauling 370006 APT set on Leeds Whitehall triangle in early afternoon on Thursday 17th March 1983.

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height="80"> <p al:.̛Gt"><font face="Arial" si#ɆQ%qaming of power car Sc490ȅ<City of Derby'</font></t_ϊd hei'ht="80" width="100] -["centur"> <a href="imgFyofderby.jpg"> <img BJϮz2" src=images/cityofder"RoYؒt3.jqg" xthumbnail-orig-iM#0\1fgges/cityofderby.jpg" wit`-#height-"79"></a></td> ٔwE)tH="383" hehgHt="80"> 7Dln="left"><font face="Ar Im="2">'City of Derby' na 2*foNt?</td </t> <yjfF<ul> <li> <p sty( -height: 200%"><font facX&_S"> <a href="APT%20bacwO2 Ihtm">Background</a></fonr7HqQ <li> <p style="linP{(gݥ\> 200%"><font face="Arial Wf href="APT-P_power_car_tx#n.htm">Th power car tesρ.ɟ-/a></font></li> <li> j yle="line-height: 200%">vov\l&ce="Arial">M <a href="vmF-ailer_test_train.htm">Th6&,`}Jhr rake testing</a></fontR9)X^ <li> <p style="line/L\E 200%"><font face="ArialoVʡ href="APT-P%20testing.h[ |g#ue train testing</a></fon{9nQ <li> <p style="lin2 Y: 200e"><font face="Ariaԃٻ,a href="APT-P_training_mmw\<+Nm">Training manual</a></&y@Zdi> <li> <p style="I-㤍ght: 200%"><font 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<a href/4;@t/Rainhill_25-5-80-2.jpg3t<Fg border="0" src="image3s}~hn2.jpg" xthumbnail-origm~"Yile:///F:/My Webs/testi.sgj/Rainhill_25-5-80%2.jpg"[- cpinhill" width="100" heigx</a></b> </font><+td6u <td width="395" heig <font face="Arial" size="2ng up the rear is drU!railer Sc48104</font><b><ȹv'face="Arial" size="2"><bJPtf= we Godfrey</b></font></tdpb> </tr> </table> <P><T face="Arial" size="5" cS[S30099">In service <xNb></P> <B> <table pf۠1" width="895" bgcolor=":fS> <tr> 0<td widthw?^n <p align="center"*ace="Arial"><a href="imaT{Rtp_e5ston.jpg"> <iyuǽr="0" src="images/aPt-p_Rس*wmall1.jpg" xthumbnail-orّ\yB="images/apt-p_euSton.jpr5ߏEuston" width="100" heig2= </a></font></td> <t 3?`)X"273"><font size="2" facqt}ј<">An unidentified ,ZK;et awaits dearture from:Psometime around 1981/82 {c <p><b><font size=.lJT="Arial">Unknown</font<o,t# $ <td width="100"> Nĉ align="center"><ymg borՂS+64src="images/apt-p_eustonHo3m$idth="100" height="99">,fX.a <td width="390"><font 1Uqͯ face="Arial">Set 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has a <a href=* iO0site</a> with some photO/ APT-P on OHLE uplift tʦ3[cotland in 197;*</P> pUh="margin-top: 10">And aDۢ! <a href="http://www.phJj&</a> with photos of ]랏k40 hauling 370006 APT setuds Whitehall triangle in"se' afternoon on ThursdayЙ)'qch 1983.<.P> </FONT></}3^S> </TABLE> <P ALIGLaĺB2K ><font face="rial"><a `1 gex.htm">Back to Main In$~ k+F:/font></P> <P ALIGN="CE;L~#HREF="#Top"><font face=(Ѝ˝ <IMG SRC="images/Image8u;Ѿi;SEB=0 WIDTH=29 HEIGHT=39><!F|V:uA></P> </body> </h\0