The Class 370 APT-P

Probably the best train BR ever had




There were three APT-Prototype (APT-P) sets built and the first was unveiled to the public on 7 June 1978 and continued to be used for testing into 1986. Due to ongoing technical problems with these pre-production units, and a lack of cash or political will to take the project forward, the planned APT-S (Advanced Passenger Train -Squadron Service) production-series units were never built.


On June 7th 1978 the APT-P was unveiled to the public - pictured in the Carriage and Wagon Works, Derby is a driving car and a couple of trailer vehicles.

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Inside the coaches the upholstery exuded a distinctly Scottish theme

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Inside the cab

Naming ceremony set up C&W Works

Naming of power car Sc49003 'City of Derby'

'City of Derby' nameplate

Rainhill Trials

Class 56 hauled The APT-P featured at the anniversary celebrations of the Rainhill Trials where set 370003 is pictured being hauled by Class 56 No:56077 on 25th May 1980.

Dave Godfrey

Rainhill Bringing up the rear is driving trailer Sc48104

Dave Godfrey

In service 

370006 with the 16.00 Euston-Glasgow staff/test special on Friday 5th December 1980

Colin Peter Whitbread

The same train on arrival at Glasgow Central

Colin Peter Whitbread


An unidentified APT-P set awaits departure from Euston sometime around 1981/82


Set 370006 ready to depart with the 16.30 Euston to Glasgow on 7th December 1981 

Stephen Wilkins

Set 370007 at Preston with a relief service for Glasgow on 21st December 1984

Leo Pomfret

Set 370001 at Preston

Neale Harrison


Set 370005 arriving at Glasgow Central

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..... and here's an appropriate luggage label

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