APT-P Testing - whole train

Finally everything was ready for testing as a complete train

Testing outline plan

Here is the Testing outline plan drawn up by the Testing section - whether it was all completed without a hitch is doubtful

Author's collection


RTC yard

Part of set 370001 in the yard at RTC in 1978 - probably being equipped with instrumentation

BR Official

Stafford again

With what appears to be one car tilted out of line - where the punters are gathered on the platform - the set departs Stafford towards London.

Converting into a test car

Converting the intermediate Trailer Car S2 into a test car

Author's collection

Another view inside intermediate Trailer Car S2

Author's collection

Converting intermediate Trailer Car S2 into a test car

Author's collection

Control desk

The control desk at one end of the finished test car

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 Instrumentation racks

The finished test car's instrumentation racks

Author's collection

Instrumentation racks

The view from the control desk looking down the vehicle

Author's collection

On 16th April 1980 at 1500: APT set 370004 leads 370003 at speed on a test run through Nuneaton. One of several runs that day.

Graham Shaw

370005 at Euston on a test run sometime in 1981

Tom Connell

When's tea break?

A view inside the test car during the extensive acceptance tests with the workers at the coal face


370006 on the middle road at Carlisle. The author remembers dashing up and down the Scottish part of the WCML at various times. I was fortunate enough to grab a ride in the cab sometimes - brilliant!

P Searle

Power car Sc49004 at Carlisle

P Searle

Set No 370007 leans to the curve at Dodford Road, north of Weedon



370003 on the front cover of a BR promotional brochure from the mid 1980's

BR official

370 003

Another shot of 370003 from the brochure

BR official

BR-Brecknell Willis Pantograph

Set No 370004, now fitted with the BR/Brecknell Willis pantograph, heads south through Rugeley in the Trent Valley sometime in 1982



370006 in service at Preston on 7th December 1981


Hademoor Crossing

July 1982 a shortened test APT-P comprising set No:370004 heads south past Hademore Level Crossing, Staffordshire with the vehicle behind the power car seemingly suffering from a tilt pack failure.  

Richard Billinge 


Set 370006 passes Wigan Springs Branch Junction in early 1982

Mark Estall

And later testing up to 1986

Preston plat 7 Still running on 4th April 1986 set 370001 is pictured in platform 7 at Preston at the end of a test run from Crewe. The train crew are walking down the platform and appear to be changing ends

Chris Ward

370008 pictured somewhere on the WCML with a shortened rake - probably a test train - on 14th March 1984

A Stobbs

inside Inside the test vehicle in 1986

Chris Ward

May be an image of 1 person, train, railway and text

1M25 the 0900 APT from Glasgow to Euston which was unadvertised and was offered to passengers on arrival at Glasgow Central. Photo taken in  March 1984

Paul Strathdee

May be an image of train and text At Preston in March 1984.

Paul Strathdee


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