Belper 150/1 Sprinters

Fitted with Cummins NT855-R5 285HP engines and Voith transmission these 2 x 19m long car units were the logical successors to the prototype 150's. The Class 150/1's were rather different from the prototypes having only two cars and also having no cab corridor connections and they were fitted with dubious electric equipment.

They had a cross-vehicle corridor behind the cab with manually operated inward-opening slam doors. It was rumoured that slamming the outer cab door could cause the relays to drop out and the brakes to come on!

Capable of 75 mile/h with Westinghouse 'Westcode' brakes they had BSI couplers and weighed in at approx. 36 tonnes each vehicle.

The author spent some time at Derby Etches Park and Leeds Neville Hill depots when the units were being commissioned .

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Barkston S Jcn. 150136 together with another unidentified unit join the ECML at Barkston South Junction on 16th April 1988. I had gone there to photograph the last run of D200.

Approaching Duffield

150110 slows for the stop at Duffield on a Matlock to Derby service in the late 1980's.
A6 bridge Belper 150128 heads a Matlock to Derby service under the A6 just north of Belper in the late 1980's


An unidentified unit crosses the river Derwent at Ambergate on a Matlock diagram in the late 1980's
Belper A pair of class 150/1's calls at Belper with a Matlock to Nottingham service sometime in the summer of 1987  150103 150103 stands in platform 3 at Derby with a Nottingham service on 11th May 1987

Steve Jones

150138 150138 stands in platform 1 at Derby with a service for Skegness 11th May 1987

Steve Jones

Southport 150133 at Southport on 20th July 2006
Wigan 150142 arrives at Wigan NW with a service for Blackpool on the same date Manchester 150149 arriving at Manchester Piccadilly on 3rd August 2006
Hope 150143 arriving at Hope on 1st May 2007 Leeds 150145 at Leeds in Northern's odd livery on 16th February 2008

More pictures will be added as time permits


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