Class 365 commissioning

ABB/Adtranz (now Bombardier) built the 4-car 100 mile/h 'Networker Express' class 365's at York between 1994 and 1997 and the Commissioning group were involved with the initial test running from York on the ECML as Railtest had an embryo Railway Safety Case for operating test trains at the time.

The trains were dual-voltage (25 kV AC and 750 V DC) electric multiple units built and equipped with 3rd rail shoes and pantographs and could therefore operate on either system although in the event they always ran on 25kV and eventually the shoe gear was removed

When York closed the operation moved south to Doncaster.

The test runs were usually planned to turn round at Peterborough and were accompanied by staff from ABB/Adtranz.

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In the Yard 365501 in Nene carriage Sidings at Peterborough after a test run from York
Platform 2 365501 in the platform 2 at Peterborough station whilst the crew change ends for the run back
Newark 365501 stands at Newark en route to York

............and in service

Sandy 365508 draws into Sandy Up platform with a service for Kings Cross on 1st July 2005
The Cross 365538 sits in the suburban platforms at Kings Cross on 28th March 2006
Connington 365552 passes Connington LC on 23rd May 2007
Finsbury Park 365507 departs Finsbury Park for KX on 26th November 2010

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