Mickleover 155 Super Sprinters

Fitted with Cummins NT855-R5 285HP engines and Voith transmission, these Leyland-built two x 23m long units were (in my opinion) the worst of the modern generation of Sprinters. Built by Leyland Bus at Workington and having no prototype to evaluate the units, this was a departure from the practice at the time and they suffered from a number of serious problems, particularly with gauging issues (footsteps) and door troubles. This was borne out by their early conversion to the ubiquitous class 153 single car units or Scuds as they are affectionately known.

Later in 1988 the West Yorkshire PTE took delivery of seven further two car sets designated as class 155/3's which were also built at Workington and these units were the only ones not to be converted into 153's.

Capable of 75 mile/h with Westinghouse 'Westcode' brakes they had BSI couplers and weighed in at approx. 40 tonnes each vehicle.

The author spent some time on the type testing of the units which usually were out-and-back trips from the RTC and also at Tyesley depot Birmingham when the units were being commissioned.

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Leyland 155301 pictured at an unknown location in 1987 - possibly Leyland Works

Author's collection 

Craven Arms 155301 at Craven Arms after a test run from Derby
Mickleover 155301 is pictured somewhere on the Mickleover test track

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Mickleover Another view of 155301

Author's collection 

In the yard Stabled at the Mickleover depot site in late 1987

Chris Ward

155328 at Carlisle on 12th April 1988, after a test run - possibly from the Leyland plant

David Ford collection

Gauging tests 155306 sits in the yard at the RTC in company with a class 142 'Skipper' railbus - destined eventually for Laira depot, Plymouth. Note the polystyrene on the 155 as an aid to gauge clearance testing - if it got back with some missing then clearances were too tight!

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Crewe platform 7 They did get into service and here's 155324 in Platform 7 at Crewe
Leeds In the West Yorkshire PTE livery of red and cream 155341 stands at Leeds sometime during the late 1980's. These units were the only ones not to be converted into 153's

Chris Ward

Birmingham NS 155326 pictured at Birmingham New Street on 14th May 1988

Steve Jones

Southampton 155310 departs Southampton on 23rd January 1990

Steve Jones

Southampton 155302 sits in the platform at Southampton on 23rd January 1990

Steve Jones

155307 155307 at Leeds on 25th May 2006 Crewe This is what happened to the rest of the 155's. 153313 stands in Crewe with a service for Shrewsbury on 18th May 2006
155345 at Leeds on 23rd July 2008 155344 at York on 31st July 2018

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