Bangor Class 175 Coradia units

Fitted with Cummins  N14 450hp/335kW engines and Voith transmission, these two and three x 23m car long units were built by Alstom (formerly Metro Cammell) at their Washwood Heath, Birmingham works in 1999 and allocated to the then new Chester depot.

Capable of 100 mile/h with Westinghouse 'Westcode' brakes they had BSI couplers and weighed in at approx. 36 tonnes each vehicle.

The units' early running and commissioning was carried out at the Severn Valley Railway where a special temporary shed with a pit road was built for the purpose outside the old goods shed at Kidderminster. Following low speed running the first few 2 car units came to the Old Dalby test track where driver training up to 90 mile/h was undertaken, mainly confined to the Chester traction inspectors and trainers.

The author spent some time at Old Dalby when the units were being commissioned as well as arranging the Safety Case for test operation by Serco Railtest on behalf of Alstom Transport. A number of tests were run from the SVR at Kidderminster, including performance tests up the Lickey Incline among other destinations. Later operations involved delivery of the units to Chester depot and numerous test runs from there.

Comparison tests with class 465 units were also undertaken on the Southern Region.

The 175's were amongst the few classes which retained their original livery for a considerable time but I'm afraid they have now succumbed to fashion!

Click on the picture for a bigger image - All pictures are the author's unless otherwise credited

Just arrived 2 car 175002 is pictured in the compound at Old Dalby newly arrived from the Severn Valley Railway in November 1999 Kidderminster

Three car class 175101 pictured at Kidderminster whilst undergoing testing and commissioning at the Severn Valley Railway during 2000

Picture by Pam Clay courtesy Dave Rowley

Grimston 175002 is pictured on the test track near Grimston - note missing skirt. This was removed after an argument with a pheasant In the compound

Another view at Old Dalby in the sunshine

Plumtree Near Plumtree on a southbound run Plumtree Standing next to the former station at Plumtree

Vernon Roberts

On the main running line outside the Compound

Tim Wright

175002 somewhere down the line

Tim Wright

Tree blocking the line near Grimston Tunnel

Tim Wright

Clearing up operation

Tim Wright

In the snow Another shot at Old Dalby sees the unit partially in the workshop with snow on the ground in January 2000 Tyesley 175003 two car unit stands in the sidings at Tyseley Depot, Birmingham where it been for tyre-turning following some exceptionally heavy braking in adverse rail conditions at the test track

... and in service

Crewe On 1st April 2000 2-car unit 175004 departs Crewe for Holyhead

Steve Jones

Crewe On 20th January 2001, 3-car unit 175110 is pictured departing around the curve at Crewe North Jcn.

Steve Jones

175107 175107 sits in platform 12 at Crewe on a Camarthen service on 18th May 2006 175007 175007 pictured at Preston on 25th May 2006
175010 175010 arrives at Preston from the south on 25th May 2006 175111 3-car unit 175111 pictured in platform 5 at Preston on 25th May 2006
175112 175112 sits in platform 8 between duties at Crewe on 25th May 2006 Manchester Piccadilly 175002 departs Manchester Piccadilly on 3rd August 2006
Lancaster 175110 in its new Arriva livery arrives at Lancaster on 13th July 2006 Cardiff 175008 in Arriva Trains Wales livery leaves Cardiff on 30th June 2008
175006 175006 at Newport on 4th October 2010 Piccadilly 175104 at Manchester Piccadilly on 28th December 2011
Man Pic 175102 approaching Manchester Piccadilly on 14th August 2012 Chester 175113 at Chester on 19th September 2012
175110 arriving Llandudno Jcn on 19th September 2012 175113 at Cardiff Central on 24th August 2018

More pictures will be added as time permits


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