The Brush Class 60's

The class 60 locos were built by Brush Traction at Loughborough. Delivery commenced in June 1989 and ran to 1993. The original order numbered 100 examples.

They have a monocoque body construction and a co-co wheel arrangement and are fitted with an 8 cylinder, 145 litre Mirrlees Blackstone 8MB275T diesel power unit supplying the six SEPEX traction motors. The locos can produce 3,100HP.

Two cab designs were reviewed and mock ups produced before the final one was decided upon

The two wooden mock ups outside the EDU on 12th August 1987

Adrian Healey

The winning design on show at NS 150 in Utrecht June 1989


The first two locomotives were allocated to RTC for extensive type testing and commissioning which commenced at the Mickleover Test Track, later continuing at Old Dalby with the test programme also including main line running to specific locations for special tests.

They suffered from a number of teething problems including software and axleboxes plus the diesel engine and at one time it looked as if the contract might have been cancelled.

Although the author was not directly involved with these locomotives they were around at the RTC in 1989-93 when undergoing acceptance testing and commissioning by my colleagues.

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60015 and classmate at the RTC sidings ready for a trip to the Mickleover test track where the locos were first subjected to acceptance and proving tests 60001 at Mickleover  in August 1989. The loco spent a considerable time during its commissioning phase here and at Old Dalby together with a number of its sister locos

Nick Allsop

60001 at Egginton Jcn with TC6 in late 1989

Nick Allsop

Plumtree 60001 at the Old Dalby test track in 1990
60011 60011 heads north towards Stanton Tunnel on the Old Dalby test track on 8th February 1990

Adrian Tibble

60001 60001 stands inside the compound at Old Dalby during its acceptance testing on 26th March 1990

Adrian Tibble

Steadfast Another view of 60001 inside the compound at Old Dalby coupled to        Test Car 6 on 26th March 1990

Adrian Tibble

60001 TC6 and 60002 at Slochd Summit on 10th June 1990

P Searle

On test Class 60 locos 60001 STEADFAST and 60002 CAPABILITY BROWN at Dunkeld in June 1990 with Test Car 6. They were heading for Perth with a test train of 50 loaded Redland stone wagons after undergoing evaluation tests on the Highland main line between Perth and Inverness.

Paul Strathdee

60001 STEADFAST and 60002 CAPABILITY BROWN at Perth

Paul Strathdee

Dunkeld with TC6

Paul Strathdee

Dropping off a cripple wagon

Paul Strathdee

Dropping off a cripple wagon

Paul Strathdee

and in service

Acton 60093 at Acton in June 2000 Doncaster 60009 at Doncaster 1st June 2007
Erewash 60040 at Doe Hill on the Erewash Line on the way to its naming ceremony on 13th June 2008 Connington 60074 at Connington on 16th August 2009
60054 60054 heads north at North Staffs Junction on 4th June 2010 60040 shorn of its special livery, approaching Stenson Junction on 5th April 2013
60054 at Derby 14th September 2013 60076 at Derby on 9th January 2015
60020 passing Attenborough on 4th July 2018 60007 Nottingham on 18th December 2019

60040 passing Beeston on 10th August 2020    

More will be added


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