Class 92 testing

Although I was not involved with testing and commissioning of the class 92 locomotives several of my colleagues spent many happy hours testing the locos.

More of them undertook the commissioning role, riding the locos from Wembley in the UK through the Tunnel to Frethun, near Calais in France, never knowing whether they would be sleeping in the UK on in the back cab 'somewhere in France'

Here are a few pictures of the 92's on test.......

Click on the picture for a bigger image - photos are as credited


92004 at Carlisle Upperby on test with TC6 and an unidentified class 90 and 47290 on 7th September 1994

Simeon Gaskill


Another shot of the test train

Simeon Gaskill

Shap Summit

92004 at the rear of a test train at Shap Summit and likely to be the same date

Author's collection

Unknown location

92004 at the rear of the test train

Author's collection

..............and in service

Click on the picture for a bigger image - photos are the author's

Dollands Moor

92012 at Dollands Moor freight terminal on 19th March 2005


92016 at Crewe on 21st July 2008

Near Rugeley

92030 heading south near Rugeley on WCML - 24th July 2009


92037 Carlisle 28th March 2012


92044 at Rugby on 21st September 2012

More pictures and info will be added as time permits


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