Serco take over

During February of 1997 the former BR business known as Railtest was bought by Serco PLC.

Serco are a worldwide facilities management company and bought into the British railway market via Railtest. As well as running Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and formerly Manchester Metrolink trams (now run by Stagecoach) they now have a share in Northern Rail and Merseyrail.

The BR business became known as Serco Railtest and concentrated on the infrastructure monitoring contracts which it acquired with Railtrack.

Nothing much changed except the liveries of a number of the vehicles. Work went on much as before based initially on video surveys. This was pioneered by my colleagues who recruited expertise to enable the vehicles to be fitted with 'broadcast quality' video cameras utilising digital technology.

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The Serco Railtest livery applied to 977801 a Mk2 make-up vehicle


The author worked on a number of the infrastructure monitoring trains during the limbo period after the Serco takeover before settling down on the Testing Section initially on the Freight Section.

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Iris 1 and Iris 2


Make up vehicles

General Testing Work

Slip & Brake testing


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